Body massage

Finding top class jacuzzi tubs for sale before the summer

Making the most of long summer evenings and freezing winter nights with warm jets and relaxed water relaxing your muscles and calming your spirit. No matter with whom you want to share it, there's no better way to savor the moment and wash away your troubles. Take a look at our latest, exclusive demo spas.

Swimming in a top spas and Endless Pools

A swimming bath is an unachievable dream for several homeowners until they discover our range of swim jacuzzi tubs. Our endless pools are often installed virtually anywhere, indoors and out, and produce a smooth and adjustable current to swim against so you never reach the top of the pool. Set the right temperature for lap swimming, hydrotherapy, aqua aerobics or family fun and luxuriate in your swim spa all year round. Take a glance at our innovative swim spa range.

Accessory Shop

Your One Stop buy all of your bathtub chemical and accessory needs.

As the UK’s go-to bathtub shop, we stock a good range of quality accessories to require care of your every spa need. That has everything from our G-Jet hand-held rotary jet to offer you full control of your massage, to spa covers, steps, handrails, spa bar coolers and more.

Revolutionary Jets

The sheer sort of our jets is simply one among the various small details that set us aside from other bathtub companies.

Our revolutionary spa jets are designed to deliver the absolute best massage experience. You will customize the jets in your spa to focus on specific muscle groups and deliver different massage types, whether it’s relieving tension in your shoulders or soothing those aching feet. Which of our spa jets will you choose?

Our Showrooms this summer

Not many bathtub companies allow you to try before you purchase, but at Tropicspa, you'll book a test soak in one among our many display spas. We have10 showrooms round the country where you'll test drive our fantastic collection of spas and endless pools. Just contact your local bathtub showroom and we’ll do the rest.

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