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What is a Balneo Bath?


The spa bath is a bathtub equipped with a system of water jets and / or air bubbles. Unlike the spa, it does not have a filtration system and must therefore be emptied between two uses. The spa bath is mainly used alone, or even in pairs, unlike the spa which can accommodate from 2 to 6 people depending on the model. The spa bath is intended primarily for people who wish to enjoy the therapeutic and relaxing effect of the jets but who do not have the means, or the space or the possibility to install a spa at home. As the name suggests, it can be installed in the location of a traditional bathtub. Like the spa, the balneotherapy bathtub can offer different options such as chromotherapy (projection of colored lights) or aromatherapy (use of odors). On the other hand, it often does not have a heating system, which means that its water will cool down as it is used. To overcome this drawback, some models are equipped with heaters. The advantages and disadvantages of a spa bath Like any installation, the spa bath has both advantages and disadvantages. Here we will mainly compare this type of bubble bath to the spa.


The advantages of the spa bath

Therapeutic and relaxation use: The action of hot water and different jets helps relax areas of tension in the body. Easy to get started: Fill your bathtub and activate the jets to enjoy a moment of relaxation in your bathroom. Easy to maintain: As the tub is emptied between each use, you don't have to maintain the water. It suffices to disinfect the various air and water circuits from time to time. The disadvantages of the spa bath High price: Even if it is a little less expensive than a spa, the spa bath remains a luxury item of equipment. Major installation work: To be installed in place of a traditional jacuzzi bathtub, the spa bath will probably require installation work on the filling, evacuation, or even dehumidification side.

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Body massage

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